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Registering for Ma3had Al-Bu3ooth

Ma3had Al-Bu3ooth for Male Students

Registering for Classes

After the results of the written entrance exams are announced, an entering student's application folder  will be transferred from the Majma3 Al-Buhooth Al-Islaamiyyah to the Ma3had.  This may take several weeks to occur.  Once the folder has arrived at the Ma3had, the student's name will be posted outside of the students' affairs office (shu'oon al-tullaab) on the fourth floor of the Al-Diraasaat Al-Khaassah building.  After the name has been posted, the student can register at the Ma3had.

Students can attend classes before the names are posted, or even before taking the exams.  When attendance is taken in class, the unregistered student should say he is a mustami3.  It is useful to attend classes as soon as possible so as to keep up with the material.

To register, the student brings a paper or cardboard folder and 3 LE in stamps to the students' affairs office.  The workers may accept 3 LE cash instead of stamps if the student is unable to find stamps.  The student will be assigned a classroom and a seating number.  There are four classes for each year in high school or middle school, and the student will be assigned to one of them.  The student should memorize the seating number, as attendance is taken using this number.  The student should also keep the piece of paper the workers give to him with the class and seat assignment safe, for future use.

The deadline to register according to the workers in the office is towards the end of March.  It is recommended to register early, to obtain the books, keep up with the classes, and obtain a visa.  If a student waits a long time after the exams to register, the workers in the office may demand an explanation.

Obtaining the Books

There is an office on the other side of the fourth floor behind the staircase that is closest to the front of the building.  The office is labeled hujrat al-irshaad.  The student pays the fees for the year in this office, about 34 LE for high school students.  The student is given a receipt, and his name is checked off.  The receipt can be taken to the Ma3had Al-Bu3ooth Al-Islaamiyyah building next door.  There is an office on the ground floor where the student can obtain the books.  After a student walks into the building and goes through the door at the end of the reception hall, the office for the books is the first room to the right.

The student provides the receipt to the workers and receives the books.  The cost is included in the fees for the year.  The student should specify that he is a new student, so that he can get the books that are shared between the years of high school in addition to the books that are specific to the year of high school the student tested into.


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