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Overview of Entering Al-Azhar

A student enters the Al-Azhar system by taking the following steps.

A student fills out an application form and obtains various paperwork to register to take the entrance exams and enter the Al-Azhar system.  A student can only do this once, so one should be well-prepared before going through with this process.

The student will be assigned a date to take the oral exam.  The oral exam determines the student's placement in the Al-Azhar middle school.  If the student places into the third and final year of middle school, he/she has the right to take the written entrance exams to place into the high school.

The student will take nine written exams.  These exams determine the student's placement in high school, and a student can place anywhere from the last year of middle school the third and last year of high school.  The best result is to enter the final year of high school.

Application and Exam Dates

A student can enter the Al-Azhar system through these exams in the fall (in October or November).  This is the first round of exams.  There are also one or two more rounds of exams that occur later in the winter.  It is preferred to take the first round of exams to allow enough time to attend the final year of high school and study the material as well.  The high school has more subjects than are tested on the entrance exams, and the end of the year exams are more detailed.

If a student is not well prepared for the exams, the second round of exams occurs at the end of December or beginning of January.  There is a third round as well, that occurs a few weeks after the second round.  Note that these extra rounds of exams seem to have been added recently, so there is no guarantee they will continue.  A student interested in Al-Azhar should plan to take the first round of exams, and if he/she is not prepared can ask the administration about delaying taking the written exams to a later round.  This can even be done if a student takes the oral exam in the first round.

Registering for the exams in a particular round must be done at least two weeks before the written exams.

Years of Study

Since the best result is entering the final year of high school, a student can graduate from the university in about 5 years.

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