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Obtaining a Tasdeeq from Ma3had Al-Bu3ooth

A Tasdeeq from the Al-Azhar system is used as proof that a person is a student in the Azhari system.  A tasdeeq is required to obtain a student residency from Al-Azhar, and is used for other purposes as well.  Note that each tasdeeq can only be used once, and a student has to go through the same process to obtain another tasdeeq for a second use.


Obtaining a Tasdeeq for Male Students

The student can go through the following steps to obtain a tasdeeq.

Paying for the Tasdeeq and Obtaining Receipts
  1. The student goes to the Qitaa3 Al-Ma3aahid Al-Azhariyyah to pay for the tasdeeq. 
  2. Next to the main entrance of the building, there should be a stack of forms.  There is only one type of form, although it is mainly used for graduates of Al-Azhar high school and other institutes to verify that they have graduated.  The student takes a form and fills out some of the information:
    • the student's name
    • the institute as Al-Bu3ooth Al-Islaamiyyah
    • the area as Cairo
    • the student's signature and the current date
  3. There is a window to the left of the main entrance (outside), where the student can submit the form.  The student should tell the worker that he wants a residency (iqaama).
  4. The student pays 2.5 LE, and is handed back the form along with pink and gray receipts.  The receipts are important, but the the form is not.
Obtaining the Tasdeeq from the Ma3had
  1. The office to obtain a tasdeeq (al-tasdeeqaat) is in a corner on the third floor of Al-Diraasaat Al-Khaassah, next to the fourth classroom of the third year of high school.
  2. There will be a sign outside of this office instructing the student on what to bring to obtain a tasdeeq.  The following are usually required:
    • the pink and gray receipts mentioned above
    • the student's passport (usually required only during pickup, but should be brought in case it is needed)
    • a copy of the passport picture page
    • a piece of paper with some information written on it - the student's name, classroom, seating number, nationality, and the type of tasdeeq (iqaama in the case of residency)
  3. There may be specific days assigned for submitting the above paperwork, or the paperwork can be accepted at any time the office is open.  Usually there is a set day at the beginning of the year, and later in the year students are allowed to turn it in any school day.  The line to turn in paperwork (or pick up the tasdeeq) is usually long, but goes fast.
  4. The worker will take the paperwork and hand the student the gray receipt back.  The worker will tell the student when to return to pickup the tasdeeq, usually the following Sunday.
  5. The student returns on the assigned day and gives the gray receipt to the worker.  The student has to show his passport to receive the tasdeeq.


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