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Al-Diraasaat Al-Khaassah

Al-Diraasaat Al-Khaassah is the building where the Al-Azhar Ma3had Al-Bu3ooth Al-Islaamiyyah classes take place.  These classes are for foreigners in the Al-Azhar middle school and high school system.  These classes were formerly held in the Ma3had Al-Bu3ooth Al-Islaamiyyah building next door.  The administration for the Ma3had is also now in this building.  The classes and the administration for the Ma3had are on the third and fourth floors of the building.

Classes for foreigners learning Arabic through the Al-Azhar system are also held here.  These classes are part of Ma3had Al-Diraasaat Al-Khaassah program, and are located on the second floor of the building.

The building is located here on Ahmad Sa3eed street in Cairo.

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